Sherlock Holmes’ Lost Adventure


"Raw panic seemed to overcome Holmes' expression. I could only imagine that he suddenly foresaw the inexorable conclusion as vividly as any of his past deductions. We were about to face our own deaths!"

A youthful Sherlock Holmes is recuperating from the ordeal destined to be chronicled by Dr. Watson as "A Study in Scarlet." Holmes’ next adventure, the lost adventure, starts mundanely enough with the theft of a typewriter but for one outré fact: The death of the beautiful supplicant’s man servant. More thefts and purloined documents carry Holmes and Watson across Europe on the Orient Express in search of the truth. A devilishly clever cipher and a murdered sailor lead Holmes to a horrifying conclusion.

Travel with the great detective and Dr. Watson from the steaming jungles of the Sundra Strait to long forgotten caverns beneath London to face a new arch villain, Lofcadio Hearseborne III, and the greatest terror of their lives.


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